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The Ohio Mental Health Counselors Association (OMHCA) provides professional information, education, training, and advocacy for Mental Health Counselors in Ohio. OMHCA is a vital and effective organization in advocating for the provision of a broad range of services to meet the mental health counseling needs of consumers in the Commonwealth.

OMHCA is a state chapter of the American Mental Health Counselors Association.




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Senate Bill 366 and House Bill 617.

Under this proposal, counselors would be licensed by a newly created Behavioral Health Professionals Board.

What is most alarming is that under the proposal counselors would not even be guaranteed a seat on our own regulatory board.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND STATE SENATOR TODAY via an email or a call. Not just counselors can advocate, anyone can.

What to do!

If you don’t know who your state legislator is, you can find it here using your zip code: ability-and-oversight

Here is your congress representative information's related (House Bill 617):

Here is your senate representative information's related (Senate Bill 366): contacting-your-senator

Here is what you can say to your representative:

November 17, 2016

RE: Opposition to HB 617 and SB 366

Dear Legislator:

I am strongly opposed to House Bill 617 and SB 366, which is a companion pieces of legislation that could greatly affect the counseling profession in Ohio.

If enacted, these pieces of legislation would create a massive overhaul of professional licensing in Ohio by abolishing 11 licensing boards and consolidating them under three new boards and two existing ones. Under this proposal, counselors would be licensed by a newly created Behavioral Health Professionals Board. A counselor would not even have a seat on the Behavioral Health Professionals Board.

Such complex legislation needs to be thoroughly reviewed and discussed with stakeholders. I urge you to oppose House Bill 617 and Senate Bill 366.









ACA Announcement

As you may know HB 1840 passed the TN House Health Committee on Wednesday, March 23rd. While we have been able to change the minds of some key legislators, we must continue reaching out to those who remain undecided!

HB 1840 has been proposed in direct response to ACA's code of ethics (section A.11.b.). Discrimination for any reason is against ACA's Code of Ethics (sections A.4., A.11., and C.7.) and the profession upholds the principle that as counselors, we should do no harm.

We are asking all ACA members to please sign the petition below (by clicking the link) and stand with LPCs in TN!

Add your name to the petition and stand up against discrimination!

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